Sylvies Travels

Friday, March 31, 2006

Aunt Susi's

Thursday I went to drop off my mom to the air port and my sister to school.After that I went to Soorah Korean and Jappanesse cusine. It was good there I ate the beef short ribs box.Then I went pick up my sister with my Aunt Susi.Then I went home and finished packing.After that I went strait to Farmville Richmond.It was 5:00 when I arrived at my Aunt's.The next day I did a lot of planting.Saturday I ate hot biscuit's and biscuit's with smoky sausuge.A few hours later I slipped and fell on a pebble path and got my knees,elboes and hands all scrached up.It hurt but then I got over it.Sunday it was time to leave.I drove home and picked up my mom and dad from the airport.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

St. Thomas U.S.V.I

Thursday I left school early and got on a airplane to St. Thomas U.S.V.I. I missed art stravaganza day. When we got there it was 85F and I was in cold Washington D.C clothes. I was hot! We got a taxi and rode to the French Mans Reef Marriott. While we were riding to the hotel I saw a sign that said " Annual Boat Race". The boat race lasted for three days. From Friday to Monday. Friday I went to the Marriotts beach and got a necklace made from conch shell.The next day I went on a Atlantis submarine. I saw five Sharks,seven sergeant Majors,eighteen Yellow-tailed Snappers, the coral reef and three stingray. It was wonderful! Sunday I sailed the Lou with Captain Maxine and Julie Bay. Captain Max said not to eat reef fish like sergeant Majors and Barracudas. The sergeant Majors eat this all natural coral which is bad for humans. The Barracuda eats the sergeant Majors which eat the all natural coral which is bad for humans. Once a crew caught a huge Barracuda and cooked and ate. They all got sick except one person. Coast Guards came to help the crew. One guy took one look at the crew and called for a helicopter all hustled in the hospital and the whole crew asked that man "Why aren't you sick?" he replied"I don't like fish.". Sunday I went to the St, Thomas Skyride.At one of the gift shops called The Pirates Chest I got a beautiful shell with gold all around it. After that I wached this magnificent bird show.The star of the show was Troy a Australian Triton. He could ride a bike and ride a bike on the high wire. We also wached a wizards bird basket ball game. The two birds playing were Keylime and Mango. After that I went to a flea market and bought a tanzanite ring and "T" shirt. Tuesday I flew home on United I first flew to Puerto Rico to pick some people up and then took my three hour ride to D.C. I came in at 8:00 and waited an hour for my baggage. Because they lumped all the baggage together with another flight. After that I drove home petted Gracie my black and white cow cat and went strait to bed.